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General is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunity to members.
No, this is not an investment site nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form.
We sell ad services.
AdRevenuePro offers quite a lot of advertising services of the highest possible quality, and delivers them quickly.
When people buy these services, the revenues are held by the company.
When you buy an Revenue Sharing Plan and receive 1000 Banner Ad credit(s) and 1000 Text Ad credit(s) for $1 - you'll also receive a sharing position.
This isn't a cycle, and there's no time frame affixed, nor guaranteed, because it's completely related to the revenues generated from the sales of services.
(first sales of services generate revenues, then they are shared)
You'll receive 15% commissions (5 Levels: 10%-2%-1.5%-1%-0.5%) when someone you refer buys a positions, memberships or ads.
No. We have it built in our system to disallow multiple sign-ups from the same IP address, and additionally will not allow multiple accounts to sign into accounts from the same IP within the day.
Yes. You may absolutely invite friends and family to use our services. Each account must have its own IP, email address, and payment processor account.
There's no stacking, nor creating accounts for loved ones using your payment processor account.
If for any reason an account is signed up from the same IP as yours, the account would be forced "unreferred".
Yes. There's no requirement for you to purchase anything before using our traffic exchange services.
As a free member, you'll be able to enjoy a 1:1 surf ratio. That means, you'll surf 1 banner to receive 1 Banner Ad credit.
When you purchase any services, you'll get 1000 Banner Ad credits and 1000 Text Ad credits for $1.
We allow any site, as long as it is not a frame breaker, can be displayed inside an ad frame, and is not pornographic.
Websites with more than ONE pop-up are also disallowed. One pop-up is ok, but more than one is too annoying for our members.
Ads that break this rule will be suspended. Repeat offenders will have their account suspended.
You can request your payment when your balance reaches $3.00.
We accept PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.
We process all requests within 24 hours. Sometimes it will be so fast it will feel instant.
No refunds, because all revenues are already shared with all active members and commissions paid to your referring sponsor.
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