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Launch Date February 25, 2015 00:00:00
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Anniversary Bonuses in AdRevenuePro
News Date : February 25, 2016 00:00:00

Dear users!

Today marks 1 Year since the launch of our project!
Congratulations to all users with the Anniversary of the AdRevenuePro!

We want to share this great event and give you a good offer:
Get a Bonus of up to $ 5.00 for reviews about the website in social networks and popular forums!
Just open a support ticket with subject BONUS and send us a link to your review.
The bonus will be added to your account balance within 24 hours.

Requirements for reviews:
- The review should be publicly available. Not paid for reviews in closed groups or requiring registration for viewing.
- We paid only one review in every social network or forum.
- Welcome attaching banners or screenshots for visual information.
- Application for the payment of bonuses must be made within one month (from 25 February to 25 March).

Amount of the bonuses:
- The invitation to the project with your referral link - $0.10
- Extended review (minimum 20 words, banner or screenshot) - $0.50
- Great review (minimum 50 words, banners, screenshots) - $1.00
- Video review of the project posted on YouTube - $5.00

Continue to advertise and get profit with AdRevenuePro!

Best Regards.
Some of the questions
News Date : November 12, 2015 00:00:00


We receive many support tickets with similar issues: "AdRevenuePro Paying?", "How long will you be paying?", "Isn't it too late now to make a Deposit?", "Why similar sites are already SCAM in 1-2 months?"


Yes, many similar projects are already SCAM in 1-2 months or less. 

The reasons for their SCAM the following - dishonesty of the Admin, the wrong marketing with inflated promises, no competent management of the business and so on. 

Our project operates and pays for nearly 9 months and will operate for a long time! 

NO SCAM - it is Possible! 

The AdRevenuePro has a real Long Term and sustainable marketing. We don't have inflated plans and don't drop the project into the pit. The proof of this is our large stable Reserve Fund for payments. 

We share the real income from advertising on the site. Also (our little secret) we have a permanent income from outside from our partner sites. 

I hope that I have answered your questions. 

If you have additional questions - feel free to contact us. Just open a support ticket.


Best regards.

AdRevenuePro Admin.

News Date : November 10, 2015 00:00:00


I kindly request you to post your testimonials and proof of payment in the network.

You need to promote the project on which you earn money and advertise your resources. It will not take you much time, but will be very useful. Don't forget that when you share in your network about our project, you receive personal referrals. Thanks to our excellent affiliate program you will have 15% (5 levels) commissions from any purchases made by your referrals.

Links to popular forums:


MMGP(only Russian):




Thank you for attention.

Best regards.

Regular Earnings Plans Added
News Date : April 04, 2015 00:00:00

Dear users!


 We are pleased to inform you good news!

 Added new plans for Regular earnings.

 Regular earning is stable passive income.

 We offer you a choice of five plans:


 Plan 1 (No Membership): 

 Price Per Position : $5 USD, 

 Earnings per day : 1.5%, 

 Total Cycles : 100, 

 Maturity Amount : $7.5 USD, 

 Credit Package : 5000 Banner Ad Credits + 5000 Text Ad Credits. 


 Plan 2 (No Membership): 

 Price Per Position : $50 USD, 

 Earnings per day : 2%, 

 Total Cycles : 75, 

 Maturity Amount : $75 USD, 

 Credit Package : 50.000 Banner Ad Credits + 50.000 Text Ad Credits. 


 Plan 3 (No Membership): 

 Price Per Position : $100 USD, 

 Earnings per day : 3%, 

 Total Cycles : 50, 

 Maturity Amount : $150 USD, 

 Credit Package : 100.000 Banner Ad Credits + 100.000 Text Ad Credits. 


 Plan 4 (Premium Membership): 

 Price Per Position : $300 USD, 

 Earnings per day : 4%, 

 Total Cycles : 40, 

 Maturity Amount : $480 USD, 

 Membership Required : Premium Membership, 

 Credit Package : 300.000 Banner Ad Credits + 300.000 Text Ad Credits. 


 Plan 5 (Pro Membership): 

 Price Per Position : $500 USD, 

 Earnings per day : 5%, 

 Total Cycles : 30, 

 Maturity Amount : $750 USD, 

 Membership Required : Pro Membership, 

 Credit Package : 500.000 Banner Ad Credits + 500.000 Text Ad Credits.


 Read more about new plans on the DETAILS page (click here).


 I wish you all the best!

 Admin AdRevenuePro.

AdRevenuePro – Everything is Just Beginning
News Date : March 14, 2015 00:00:00

Dear users,

At the launch, our project offered only a single earnings plan, the RevShare.

Now the time has come to proudly reveal all of the great opportunities envisaged by our project!

AdRevenuePro has become a unique multifunctional platform to advertise and earn!

We have combined all the most popular ways of earning online and the most effective advertising options in one system!


We are pleased to announce the new features we have just put on:


- Dynamic earning plans

Dynamic earning is a stable, passive daily income!

Once purchased one of the Dynamic earning plans, you will be receiving a portion of your deposit plus the interest for 100 days. The daily income will only depend on the deposit amount. We offer 5 plans with profit rates ranging between 120% and 200%!

Choose your plan here:


- Earn by viewing the Paid-To-Click adverts

Now you can earn by viewing the PTC ads!

View the PTC adverts here:


- Weekly Jackpot

Any day of the week, buy a chance to win the Jackpot for only $1, and YOU can be the proud winner! The Jackpot will be drawn automatically every Sunday.

Get your chance to win the Jackpot at:


- PPC (Pay-Per-Click) banner advertising

We have added the most effective and demanded PPC banner advertisement in three size options: 125x125, 468x60 and 728x90.

Now you don’t have to pay for useless displays of your banner anymore, but only when an interested user actually clicks your ad and visits your site!

This will let you access the truly target audience.

Post your PPC banner advertising here:


- Revenue share plans

The company revenue share plans are still available for you, with profits ranging between 120% and 200%!

We share 95% of the total company's revenue from sale of advertisement, earning options and paid membership among all holders of the Revenue share plans.

Choose your plan here:


- New project banners added

Desire a regular extra income while doing nothing at all?

We offer a luxurious 5-level affiliate program, where you earn 15% of all purchases made by your referrals!

Use these new banners to invite new joiners to the project:

Or our pre-maid landing pages and text message templates.


We wish you all the best!

And don’t forget to follow our news ;-).

Official Launch
News Date : February 25, 2015 00:00:00


We are very happy to announce that from this moment AdRevenuePro has officially been launched.

In order to celebrate that we are now offering Signup Bonus:

All free members Get FREE 500 ad credit to advertise their banners and text ads.

We would like to thank all of our members who put their trust in us.
Happy earnings with AdRevenuePro!

Best of Luck,
AdRevenuePro Admin.
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